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ArtOfBboying:Bboy Bruce Almighty from Portugal; Momentum crew.

Bboy Bruce Almighty from Portugal; Momentum crew.

ArtOfBboying:Bboy Sknuf from Korea; Morning Of Owl crew.

Bboy Sknuf from Korea; Morning Of Owl crew.

Sorry For The Lack Of Activity!

Seriously, you wouldn’t believe how busy I’ve been these past two weeks. I was just about to write about how this week things were going to be a lot lighter and easier, until I found out that we are just about to begin partial exams and finish some partial projects. So, no, this week isn’t going to get better and I might miss some other uploads, but I guarantee that I’ll do what I can so that it doesn’t happen anymore. Although I do might need this week.

Anyways, just wanted to let you know because I know some of you might get a little frustrated, specially since the sub-title clearly says “Updates Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday”. But don’t unfollow just yet, because new things are just about to come. Have faith. 
Thanks you, guys for understanding. 

 - Art Of Bboying.